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Link: LoaA Annual Playhouse Competition 2015 by Evan Troxel

It's on! My friend Bob over at the Life of an Architect blog is holding his fourth annual playhouse design competition. You can see the winners from last year (and the previous years as well) and read the rules for entry. Here's the short list:

This competition is open to anyone from anywhere – the only entry criteria is the following:

  • You have to be a living member of the human race (or at least be able to fool others into believing that you are).
  • A good attitude should also be a requirement but that’s more of a personal judgement call.
  • Capable of reading and following the instructions that are spelled out very clearly below.

So head over to his blog post and read the full rules, the submittal requirements, the timeline, and how the judging process works. It's one of the most fun competitions around, and the winning playhouses actually get built and go to an absolutely great cause - helping out kids in need.

Go play architect!

Life of an Architect Playhouse Competition 2013 by Evan Troxel

One of the winners in 2012

One of the winners in 2012

Speaking of competitions, It's on! Head over to Life of an Architect and get your pencils sharpened for this year's Playhouse Competition. It's for a great cause, it's free to enter, and you can go toe-to-toe with me, because I've already signed up.

If you follow Bob, then you already know this is your chance, because it doesn't count if it doesn't get built.

There were 2 winners last year (one is shown above), and there were a ton of other great entries.

What's an architects day like? by Evan Troxel

It is pretty much exactly like Bob's write-up. The only difference for me is that I compress it a little bit so I can get to bed before 10pm. Sleep is underrated. And damn that scoreboard. My wife gets way more done than I do.

Bob Borson:

So what exactly does an architect do all day? Chances are the answer is “a lot” and depending on the market sector in which they focus, probably something somewhat similar and somewhat unique compared to all the other architects out there working away. I thought I would put together a post that explained what I do and how I spend my time on any given day.

✱ Breaking News - LOAA Rocks my World by Evan Troxel

It's official. I've made it. Do I have a product that's being pitched on a Billy Mays (RIP, Billy) infomercial? No, I'm on Life of an Architect's list of... drum roll please...

The Top Architectural Websites in the World

Evan Troxel is a designer and educator that I became aware of through twitter and it has worked to my advantage that I have. Evan is a sort of digital renaissance man and his collection of websites (starting with have entered my rotation of “what’s that?” websites. I don’t understand most of what he writes about but I can’t help but feel that if Evan is talking about it, I should figure out why … and then do it.

Thanks Bob! It's an honor, and I'm in great company. Most of the others listed are sites I've subscribes to in my RSS reader. But as always there are some new ones I'll be checking out in 3, 2, 1...

If you're here reading for the first time, welcome. I better figure out what to post next.