✱ Digital Landscapes by Evan Troxel

This is small collection of digitally designed landscapes that I've made. So far, all of these were rendered completely in 3d with FormZ and Maxwell Render, and I've written more about them here, here, and here. Post processing/compositing (yes, always) was done in Photoshop and Pixelmator.

Click/tap an image for a full screen slideshow.

✱ Riverside Long Night of Arts and Innovation at RAM by Evan Troxel

I'll be giving three presentations at the Riverside Arts Museum (RAM) on the night of October 4th. Come say hi and maybe learn a thing or two:

The goal of the City's Long Night of Arts and Innovation (LNAI) is to showcase the city's accomplishments in the arts and sciences to its residents, build pride in the city, and encourage youth to seek careers in science, technology, engineering, and the arts.
Join us at RAM for our LNAI and Julia Morgan Opening Reception programming.

Architecture in 3D

An architectural designer from HMC Architects (that's me) will take you through the process of creating a building over the course of the evening. From hand sketch to layout, 3D model to final rendering, you will experience what happens behind the scenes in a modern architectural office.

I'll be on stage between 8pm and 10pm. I hope to see you there.

12% of IKEA Catalog Pages are 3d Renderings? by Evan Troxel

I had no idea. This makes me sad. Not that they are rendered, but that I couldn't figure it out. I've been doing 3d renderings for a long time and I this just shows how good these artists are. It's kinda like watching the Social Network (Facebook) movie with the Winkelvoss twins - I had no idea they were two different actors playing those parts either.

"It's a clever way to save money," Anneli Sjogren, head of photography at IKEA, said during a recent interview at the company's sprawling photo studio in this sleepy southern town. "We don't have to throw away kitchens in the Dumpster after the photo shoot."