✱ FormZ Fundamentals Video Course Preview by Evan Troxel

Next week I'm launching a new video course on the Method website. I've been working on it for the last 3 months and am happy it's almost here!

Leading up to the launch, I'll be previewing a small video section of the course each day. Each video will be about 5 minutes long, so I have socially engineered them to be the perfect distraction.

I won't post the updates here on this site each day, so be sure to check it out and then go back each day to see a new section of the course as they are revealed. Of course you can follow along on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook as well if that's your thing.

Click here to start the preview

Link: My Thoughts on Realtime Rendering by Evan Troxel

birdseye floor plan section.png

I've been working on an article about the current state of realtime rendering and how it pertains to architectural visualization, and I finally finished it and posted it to the Method blog. If you model and render your projects, it's probably worth reading. 

I’m sure you’ve heard of "realtime rendering," but just in case you haven’t here is a quick explanation: your 3d object or scene is being rendered by the computer on the fly, allowing the person viewing it to interact with the model and look wherever they want. The most common application of it is in video games, and as far as architectural visualization is concerned, it’s what’s next. Here's my current thinking on the subject.

✱ My Maxwell Grass Preset Pack is now available for SketchUp by Evan Troxel

I am SO proud to announce that my grass presets are now available for SketchUp users who render with Maxwell! This is something that you'll only find on Method, and I'm excited to be offering it up for you architects and designers to make your life easier. 

When I first started using the grass extension, I was just making these presets for my own use. I spent hundreds of hours creating and tweaking these presets and materials over the last year. Then I thought about how many other designers could probably use it too. So I bundled it all together and even made some videos to teach you how to use it.

I hope you love using it as much as I've had creating it. I'm sure it'll help take your skills and renderings to the next level.

Check it out on Method and get grass!

✱ Architectural Rendering in Artlantis by Evan Troxel

Howdy architects and designers!

I have a couple of softball questions for you this fine morning :)

  1. Are you still "rendering" using the default imagery SketchUp and Revit exports?
  2. Do you want to take your rendering skills and imagery to the next level?

I sure hope you answered yes because I want to help you to get better and ultimately be worth more to your business, studio or firm. So I made something.

I'm excited to announce my new Architectural Rendering video course and this one is specific to the amazingly architect-and-designer-friendly Artlantis! There are some specific tips for SketchUp and bonzai3d/FormZ users in there too.

You get over an hour of HD video tutorials and as a special bonus all of the project scene files so you can follow along. You can even use them with the demo version of the software so you can try before you buy if you're not already an Artlantis user. After you use it, chances are high that you'll want to use it more.

Check out everything this course entails over at my other site, Method

✱ Launching My First Product by Evan Troxel

OK so this has been a huge undertaking over the last year that I'm sure I'll write more about in the future. But now it's on! I'm so excited to release my very first product! 

I originally made this for me but quickly realized that I couldn't keep it to myself. It's a collection of hand-made presets that allow us architectural designers to have the ability to do some photo-realistic digital landscaping. It's super easy to use and the renderings have been looking amazing. I'm sure you've seen the ones I've posted on the site here lately. 

Anyway, I won't talk much more about it for a while, so please go check it out on the Method website where I explain everything. I'd love it if you would pass the link along to anyone who you think would benefit from the Preset Pack. 


✱ Lone Tree + Breakdown by Evan Troxel

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Lately I've been having fun creating images from nothing. I've had a lot of experience working with visual effects and compositing (skills from a former life) and it's been a nice distraction for me while working on a new architectural project.

Recognize that tree

This was all done with FormZ and Maxwell Render making use of the very capable Maxwell Grass extension.  I hope to show more soon.

Here's a breakdown of the process:

Link: Methodcast Quickie #12 by Evan Troxel

I made a quick tutorial video for adding decals to 3d objects in formZ. Sometimes we need to be able to stack textures on top of each other. For instance, when we have the side of a building that's brick, and we want to add a logo to the wall that looks like it's been painted on. In formZ, that's called a decal, and this video breaks down the steps of how to add them to your objects. It also explains how the texturing system works in general as a foundation for learning about decals.