Link: Archispeak 29 - PLANS “Я” US / by Evan Troxel

The latest episode of Archispeak starts the conversation about the selling of pre-made house plans that cut architects out of the picture, unless architects are the ones selling the plans.

The real impetus behind this episode is the video that Hanley Wood put online that says to just buy their plans and save THOUSANDS of dollars by not using an architect! Oh by the way, did I mention that Hanley Wood publishes Architect magazine, free to members of the American Institute of Architects? They really are biting the hands that feed them, and architects are oblivious to this fact. Yes, your dues are going to a company that wants to get rid of you.

We've had a ton of comments so far on the episode, and I invite you to listen in and join the conversation. All comments are welcome.

This episode lays the foundation so we're all on the same page about this subject. Will we talk about this again? You bet. There's still a lot to talk about. We're only getting started.