Link: So You Wanna Call Yourself an Architect? / by Evan Troxel

I was honored to be a guest panelist on David Doucette's ARE Podcast and the topic of discussion was, once again, centered around the use of the word "Architect" (of which I am legally not, but if you work in the software industry go ahead and feel free to use it) as an official title. Fine by me.

Click here to listen and/or watch the video.

The use of the term “Architect” has garnered a lot of attention lately. Some say it’s misused, others say Architects are too protective of the term and should focus on issues that matter.

The show description:

The panel includes Stephen Hopkins, a recovering Architect, Brandon Kent, a designer in San Francisco, Evan Troxel, host of Archispeak Podcast, and our own Eric Corey Freed. We discuss Stephen and Brandon’s article called “Daniel Libeskind is No Architect.” We also discuss the legalities of practicing architecture and the perception of the word Architect in global marketplace.

We also discussed this very topic on Archispeak in Episode 21, and Jared Banks has a great article that came out on his blog just this week discussing the very same thing. I guess it's just that time of year.

Also, for those of you who really want to become architects, I highly recommend David's materials over at Architect Exam Prep.

*Remind me that I need a new background. Geez.