Inside Pixar’s Leadership / by Evan Troxel

Ed Catmull on a managers self-destructive tendencies for creative work:

The notion that you’re trying to control the process and prevent error screws things up. We all know the saying it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission. And everyone knows that, but I think there is a corollary: if everyone is trying to prevent error, it screws things up. It’s better to fix problems than to prevent them. And the natural tendency for managers is to try and prevent error and over-plan things.

This is a great article full of excellent points. As I was taught by one of my mentors, a manager's job is to get out of the way and trust the people they've hired to do their best by allowing them to use their skills.  With this approach, the sky's the limit, and Pixar has proven that time and time again.